Episode Guide

Episode 1 : Family Traditions

The Avian-X TV premiere. Take an inside look at the Zink Calls shop, and watch three generations of Zink waterfowl hunters on the opening morning of the Ohio duck season.

Episode 2 : Kansas Mallards

The Avian-X crew pulls an all-nighter driving to hunt public water mallards with Kenny Thompson. Then they hook up with Travis See and the Boyz of Fall for a small pond mallard shoot.

Episode 3 : Central Flyway Mallards

This week, Fred Zink and the Avian-X crew will be hunting with Prairie Thunder Outfitters and owner Zach White as they fight the wind on a small slough in hopes of bagging a few mallards. Then they travel to Oklahoma to hunt lesser Canadas with the Fowl Fanatics.

Episode 4 : Successful Public Water Ducks

Join the Avian-X crew as they hit big public water to hunt some pressured ducks.

Episode 5 : Kansas Mallards and Canada Geese

This week the Avian-X crew will be hunting honkers in Ontario and mallards in Kansas. They also drop in on call maker George Lynch, owner of Lynch Mob Calls.

Episode 6 : Great Lakes Mallards and Divers

Watch as the Avian-X crew hunts big water for divers in layout boat action and then mallards in flooded corn.

Episode 7 : Ontario Pro-Staff Hunt

Join the top Zink Calls Pro-Staffers as they travel to Grey Bruce Outfitters in Walkerton, Ontario for three days of honker hunting.

Episode 8 : Quebec Snow Storm

The Avian-X crew travels to Quebec for one of the most incredible snow goose hunting experiences of their lives.

Episode 9 : Tornado Valley Waterfowl

Watch as the Avian-X crew chases mallards and honkers, and hunt the eye of a lesser Canada storm.

Episode 10 : Big Water Kansas Mallards

Back with the Boyz of Fall and Chris Paradise from Mossy Oak, the Avian-X crew find an epic number of mallards on a big hole of water.

Episode 11 : All Access Ducks

All day. All public. Join the Avian-X crew for two incredible public water duck hunts.

Episode 12 : Sooner State Ducks

This week, the Avian-X crew will be squeezing in a honker hunt in the morning and a duck hunt in the afternoon.

Episode 13 : Last Day Blues

As waterfowl hunts come to a close, the Avian-X crew reflects on the season and end with one last "bang" ... all this, plus a new Walt Gabbard bonus song release.

Episode 14 : NY Turkey Hunting

Join the newest member of the Avian X crew, Matt Morrett, as he travels to New York and captures what Avian X LCD turkey decoys are truly capable of?longbeards ten yards down the Browning shotgun barrel.

Episode 15 : KY Turkey Hunting

Join Walt Gabbard, Producer of Avian X TV, as he travels to his home state of Kentucky to accompany his Mom and 78 year old Grandma for some incredible turkey hunting action.

Episode 16 : Late Season Longbeards

Join Matt Morrett, Josh Grossenbacher and Hunter Wallis as they put their Avian X Decoys and Zink Calls to the test, chasing late season longbeards in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Episode 17 : Ohio Turkey Hunting

Join owner of Zink Calls and Avian X, Fred Zink along with his 12 year old son Gunar Zink, Dylan Thorp and Zink Calls Pro Staffer Bryan Buurma as they chase longbeards in the state of Ohio. Watch as the Avian X Decoys do their job on 4 incredible turkey hunts.

Episode 18 : Next Generation and New Beginnings

Watch as Junior Grand National Turkey Calling Champion Hunter Wallis and Gunar Zink hit the 2012 Kentucky Youth Turkey Season followed by Avian X and Zink Calls newcomer, Matt Morrett, as he travels to Oklahoma to hunt at his good buddy Blake Shelton’s place.

Episode 19 : Oklahoma with Matt Morrett and Blake Shelton

Watch as Matt Morrett travels to Oklahoma to hunt with his good buddy Blake Shelton. Before Blake gets to town Matt and Blakes’ Mom (One Shot Dot) are laying the smackdown on the longbeards. Blake gets in for a one day hunt to try his luck.

Episode 1 : Paradise Hill Saskatchewan

Episode 2 : Pro Staff Hunt

Episode 3 : Brad Harris Hunt

Episode 4 : Paradise Hill 2

Episode 5 : Warren Coco Hunt

Episode 6 : Late Season Mallards and Lessers

Episode 7 : Pot Hole Ducks and Oklahoma Lessers

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